Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to live longer, healthier and looks younger.

Do you want live more than 100 years but seen far younger?
Some peoples have reach 100 years age, but they look very old and weak. Even they have a long life but they unable to enjoy their live.
Off course we don't want this situation happened to us. What we need is a long healthy life, so we can enjoy our long life happily.

Here is the secrets to live longer, healthier and looks younger

Eat Healthy
Eats sufficiently. Eating more calories than we need will lead us to obesity and increase the risks for diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
Don't smoke to keep your lungs healthy.
Drink more water. Our body needs sufficient water to restore the damaged cells.
Eat organic food to avoid pesticides built up in your body.
Eat more variety of fruits and vegetables because each of them has different vitamins and minerals content. Eat food supplement occasionally if you unable to do this everyday.
Eat less fat, sugar and salt to reduce risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension etc.
Low fat milk and cheese are rich in calcium which keep our bones strong
Drink a cup of tea every day to keep your heart healthy and slower your ageing process.

Exercise your body
Exercise is very important to reduce fat on your body. Excess fat is narrowing blood vessels, which can get totally blocked and causing heart attack.
Exercise also good on people with diabetes, since it help pancreas to release insulin.

Get enough sleep
Body does most of its repair work during our sleep.In this repair work, the damaged body tissues are rebuilt and restored.
Growth hormone which is important for both children and adult is also secreted during sleep.

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